Relocating to Cape Town

Considering Relocating To Cape Town ?
Whether from overseas or other parts of South Africa, call us first - we offer essential (but often overlooked) sensible, property-related advice for anyone settling here for the first time, or returning to Cape Town after a long absence.

Cape Town is a vibrant city which offers the full range of lifestyle options, from high density city dwelling, through traditional "family suburbs", to rural and seaside villages (far from the madding crowd). Table Mountain presides over them all. The city is encompassed by Atlantic and Indian Ocean beaches and the Table Mountain National Park runs right through the middle, providing instant escape from the daily grind. We can assist you by recommending an area that matches up to your lifestyle aspirations as well as your property budget.

Cape Town is home to some of the best schools in South Africa (and indeed in the world). Remarkably, some of the most famous are also Government-sponsored, making them affordable and accessible to area residents. We can assist you by recommending High Schools, Primary Schools or Pre-schools that best meet your children's educational needs and your education budget.

Business & Commuting
If you are a self-employed professional person or service provider, you may wish to operate a business from your home. If you need to travel to a place of work on a daily basis, inefficient commuting can severely compromise your lifestyle and productivity. We can assist you in identifying an area that will be appropriate to your target market or with easy access to your commuter route.

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